We are so happy to introduce to you another one of our Senior Models, ROBIN!!

Meet Robin!!  We are so happy to have this young woman on our team!! She’s so driven, organized and determined to be the best person she can be! We love her spirit! Robin has an amazing personality. She’s fun, always the optimist and so full of energy. Her smiles are contagious!! She loves performing in her school plays. We will have the opportunity to see some of her work on stage this year!  She also is wonderful at helping other students with her tutoring services. She volunteers at her church with the kids ministry and does a wonderful job at it! We can’t wait to see how far this lovely young woman is going to on!!  She is planning to be a lawyer, but true to her personality, she has also planned to use college experience to her advantage and have multiple plans B, C, D, etc in order to have multiple career avenues to choose from when she graduates. Her life planning and career goals are so impressive! Robin is such a joy for us to around, and we are so blessed to have met her!!