Big beautiful skies, flowers and boutonnieres…PROM 2018!!!  (EEeiiikkkk!!!)  We here at MelendezPhoto love providing our clients with beautiful images to remember special days or any occasion! On this bright, sunny day, Robin and Pearson went to Robin’s senior prom!! We are all so excited to see them dressed up with smiles on their faces! They looked amazing and we knew they were going to have a fun night to remember for this junior and senior. We took their photos in the beautiful Memorial Garden in Concord, North Carolina. The sky was big and blue with puffy white clouds that complimented Robin’s dress perfectly! Oh my goodness…Robin’s dress was so incredibly beautiful! And this garden was the perfect setting!

This was certainly going to be a Prom to remember, and we were glad we could be there to help them with looking back on the day by provide them with photos they would cherish for their lifetime.

They take such great portraits!!

And they look so wonderful together! Such a POWER COUPLE!!

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Photography (c) MelendezPhoto

Make-up Artist: Kaleene Knight