The annual Puerto Rican Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina for 2017 was the biggest and best so far!!

For the past 3 years Melendezphoto has had the honor of being the official photographer for the Puerto Rican festival sponsored by the Puerto Rican Cultural society of Charlotte. This year was by far the largest turn out, Symphony Park was a fantastic venue to shoot and our first year hosting our own booth! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to talk about our work, we will be contacting you soon with our prize winners! A long with a hosts of fabulous local acts, like my good friend DJ Carlos Lebron putting on a great mix and giving us a surprise freestyle show by no other than TKA! (Yes I still love this stuff, the more it sounds like it was made on an old Casio keyboard the better!)  Orquestra Mayor, and Yapre. It was a great day of cultural celebration. People even brought out their 70’s Toyotas with the crazy 1.8s! But to put the cherry on top of everything. I had the opportunity of photographing the legendary “El Gran Combo” Perform. This group has been tearing up the Salsa scene longer than I’ve been alive and are showing no signs of slowing down. They still got it! Here are some of my favorite images.

**Updated Edit**

With all the horrid and hardships that is happening on our precious island since the devastation of the hurricanes, it is nice to be able to look at the celebration we have of the island just a few short months beforehand.

We are now and we will always #supportpuertorico and be #puertoricanstrong