Congratulations to our Photo Contest Winner

Caitlyn!!!  We are so excited to announce that she will be getting a 16 X 20 Print of a photo of our of her choosing!! She got a whooping 122 votes to take the prize!! We feel this is a well deserved win!

Caitlyn is an amazing person with a truly heroic heart. We met Caitlyn in St Louis! Every year, we attend a photography conference in St. Louis to keep up with our photography and business skills and education. Plus, we really love St Louis. It’s such a beautiful city and in that beautiful city we met a beautiful young lady that was willing to jump in front of our camera while wearing a huge parachute skirt. (And ya’ll, I mean HUGE! And FUN!) Once the conference ended, we were off to the St Louis Arch to take some epic photos! While we were hangin out during the photo session, we learned a lot more about Caitlyn and how truly special person she is. Caitlyn made the decision this year to donate her kidney to someone on dialysis.  Her selfless act of donating her kidney will go on to save the life of another person. Her surgery in early December started a chain of six people, with three of them receiving new kidneys and many more years and better health added to their lives. This contest came at a really great time for her. She’s in recovery and her Mom tells us that the contest put a smile on her face. Carlos and I are so pleased and it warms our hearts to know that we are able to put a smile on someone’s face with our art and their beauty.

Here is the winning image!!

Cheers Caitlyn!! We can’t wait to send you your print!


And if there is anyone interested in a session with a parachute skirt/dress, we can make that happen! You can contact us here!