There’s a new mural in Charlotte, NC and it is AMAZING!! Located near 1920 Camden Road, in the alley behind Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and Superica in the Design District, this wall is a piece of art painted by local artist Evelyn Henson. Evelyn and many other, us included, would love to see more public art like this in Charlotte. If you would like to see more beautifully painted art on the walls of Charlotte, please help spread the awareness by photographing the wall and posting it on social media with the hashtag (#) ConfettiHeartsWall. The more photos the merrier!!

So as soon as we saw this beautiful wall of floating hearts, we just knew we had to get out there a photograph it! Hearts are kinda my THANG!! I guess that’s why we love my being in the wedding and photography industry. So much happiness, so many smiles and so many HEARTS!! And this wall doesn’t disappoint on the hearts or the smiles! I would dare anyone to walk pass it and not smile! It is such a wonderful representation of love floating through the air! And what’s not to smile about with that!!

We decided to help show off the wall by doing a 10 Day Photography series for social medias! Those images are posted below, with a couple added photos that haven’t been seen as of yet! We hope that you enjoy them!

Thank you Evelyn Henson for bringing your talent to Charlotte! You create such beautiful works of art! I want to sincerely thank you for painting our walls with LOVE!

To see more work from Evelyn Henson or to commission her to paint more extraordinary walls in Charlotte, please contact her through her website

To be photographed at the #confettiheartswall, contact us to schedule a time! This mural is perfect for engagement sessions, bridal sessions, senior sessions and pretty much any session you can think up!