Today was the big day! Ariana’s first day of Kindergarten! She took her first step toward her senior year!! Dramatic I know, but this is my last baby! Life with Ariana til this point has been so different than with Jocelyn. Ariana has been with me everyday since day 1. She has never been to daycare or pre-school. We taught her everything she would have learned in pre-school from home. TODAY WAS A BIG STEP!! She woke up happy, with a little bribing of a chocolate chip pancake breakfast. She loved getting herself dressed by herself as much as she could. And she even had no complaining when I did her hair and added her school logo bow! The girls sang Moana all the way to school. There were no tears, except mine. We got to the school and she went straight to her room and started on her coloring sheet to introduce herself. She is excited and taking it all in just fine.
Mom (me) on the other hand is a bit of a mess but just for today!! This is a new adventure for all of us! And part of that adventure is more blog post and SO MUCH MORE coming soon!

Ariana’s first day of school sign has to be like no other! It had to be unique, sparkly and pink, just like she wants it. And it wouldn’t be complete with unicorns, princess castles and rainbows (her favorite!)