One week ago today, my grandmother (Mawmaw) took her last breathe on this earth. For this past week and going forward, I can’t imagine this world without her. Any time someone new would meet her for the first time, they alway loved her. She really brightened up the room. I will miss hearing her laugh, the funny ways she would say words and all the different names she called everybody. She called Jocelyn – Joshua, Carlos was Carler or Carla and Ariana was Mariana or occasionally Marijuana. And in the past couple years, I was Debbie, my mother’s name. None of these were because of any type of dementia or anything; it was just the way she spoke. My Mawmaw only went to the third grade in school and she never learned to read or write, but she managed just fine to make it work. She was an incredibly strong, kind and loving woman. I will miss her smile and I know others will too.
While sitting at the Hospice House, knowing these were her last days, we were able to look through lots of photos that documented her years with the people she loved and loved her. I am so thankful we are able to look back at the past. And although it’s not the same, I’m glad we get to have photos to look back and see her face again.
I am thankful for all who showed up to visit her at the hospital, at the Hospice House and who came to her funeral. Mawmaw loved so many and she would have appreciated so much that everyone was there.
To Mawmaw: I miss you so much already. Thank you for always being at my events growing up. Thank you for the memories I have of you dancing with Alexa at my wedding. Thank you for being so nice to Carlos. I know you loved him so much too. Thank you for loving my kids so much and giving them such big hugs, kisses and affection. You showed us that family is so important. And thank you so much for being so close to me these last years. And for teaching me so much and spreading your wisdom. We will love you, miss you, remember you and talking about you forever. Kisses kisses kisses kisses mawmawblog1mawmawblog3mawmawblog2mawmawblog4

Disclaimer: Obviously, the last photo was not taken by MelendezPhoto. Photo credit Franklin Studios, Charlotte, NC.