Elevation Church: Raised to Life Baptisms

I spend a lot of my free weekends serving at Elevation Church as a photographer. It’s one of the coolest things I get to do outside of being with my family. It’s pretty cool being able to see peoples lives changing before my eyes. I sometimes wonder if people even notice the changes I see over time. Even simple things like haircuts, but also sometimes I see them go from filled with tension to filled with joy and it makes me happy for them. However, in late August / Early September of 2013 I got to see it happen over 450 times in the course of a few hours. People let go of resentments, worries, anger and pick up a sense of hope, and happiness. As I photographed these people get baptized, I couldn’t help but replay my own memories of being baptized and then turning around and seeing my wife get baptized right after me. Similarly to how I pretty much renew my wedding vows every time I shoot a ceremony. So, I thank those people who stood up and decided to change their lives that day. Believe it or not, your actions made an impact on me too, and for many of them it’s the moment that changed how I saw them, I heard their name, I learned something about who they are and they instantly were transformed from another face in a crowd to an individual person who I shared an important, life changing moment with.

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