Recently we got 3 days of snow here in Charlotte. Which is an extreme rarity. We usually only get one or two inches typically it’s barely enough for a snowball fight and a snowman. For three days straight snow fell, and before we knew it we had enough to go sledding on hills and really enjoying the fun snow can bring. At first Ariana did not like the snow at all, but after day 2 she was jumping around in it just like all the other kids. It was all the kids could stand so when they went inside to warm up the grown ups had a little fun of their own.  we started off with just using boogie boards on a hill. but my neighbor had a snowboard and It had been years since I first tried to snowboard a long time ago. It wasn’t pretty then, but it sure was a whole lot more fun now. I found out I still know how to bite it pretty well. But all in all we had one of the best winters we’ve had together. Thankfully, we ARE in “the south” so it only lasted for 3 days.


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Heres one of me not biting it as bad.


Actually, I’m still pretty terrible at it. Until next time Old Man Winter!